Welcome to the Website of the St. Petersburg Music Factory


Welcome to the Website of the St. Petersburg Music Factory, St. Pete’s finest, at least we think so, locally owned and operated Music Instruction School. If you’re here, which we’re very happy about, it must mean you want to learn how to play an instrument. You’ve come to the right place! Want to Learn Guitar? How about Drums? Bass? The St. Petersburg Music Factory can have you strumming, beating, plucking, and picking in just a few music lessons.

Our roster of Working Musician Instructors will work with you as an individual, designing your Music Lessons around your experience level. We can teach beginners the basics, give those Intermediate students that extra push to the next level, and help the advanced player achieve their highest goals.

When you’re ready, and we know you will be, you may want to join one of our student bands and hit the St. Petersburg Music Factory’s stage, or play out at one of the many gigs around St. Petersburg that The Factory sponsors.

Music is fun. Learning to play an Instrument is even more fun. At the St. Petersburg Music Factory, we live by our slogan – LEARN. PLAY. ROCK.

Here’s a look at just some of the Students from the Factory!